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Jewelry Care

How to Preserve the Beauty of a Romil Jewelry over time

Romil collections are a perfect blend of charm, originality and stringent technical rigour. From the selection of gemstones and other materials to a special craftsmanship touch, a series of precise, harmonious gestures make every jewel unique. Romil Jewelry are made to wear every day and on every occasion. This is why they need no extraordinary maintenance, especially if they are delicately handled and cleaned. Nonetheless, being precious objects, they deserve some simple, caring actions so that their beauty and splendour can be preserved over time. To this effect, read the FAQs section below.

How can I avoid damaging my jewelry?

You can protect your jewelry by respecting the following advice:

Wearing your jewelry:

Some pieces of jewelry are more delicate than others. We therefore recommend that you choose your jewelry according to the day's activities.

Generally we advise against wearing your jewelry in the following situations:

  • When carrying out a sporting activity
  • On the beach, at the sauna or Turkish bath
  • In any situation that could lead to intense thermal shocks
  • When performing household tasks that may cause it to come into contact with corrosive products
  • When gardening or carrying out DIY

It is also preferable to remove your jewelry when you wash your hands.

In addition we recommend that you put your jewelry on after applying your makeup and perfume.

Should I polish my jewelry regularly?

Because polishing removes a fine layer of metal from the surface of the jewelry through the combined use of brushes and abrasive pastes, we recommend that you only polish your jewelry two or three times in its life.