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About Romil Jewelry

It’s more than just jewelry, it’s a tradition!

Indian jewelry goes back as far 5000 years ago. Back in time when maharaja’s ruled the land, jewelry was as important as the land they ruled. And this rich tradition has never faded away, as a matter of fact, it has only become more contemporary and artistic as time passed by keeping in tune with modern design trends.

Jewelry making is a tradition that has become more vigorous over time with designs getting more elaborate and intricate. And the way Indian jewelry graces a woman’s beauty can be compared to no one else in the world, the proof of which lies in our rich history.

A tradition that initially saw pieces of jewelry being heavy and voluminous pieces of gold, has eventually turned into an art form that involves the use of other precious metals like silver, platinum and other metals besides the use of diamonds and other stones.A kind of skill that has taken the world by storm and this is only the beginning!

The Legacy

A passion for jewelry and the love of fine craftsmanship and designs is what gave birth to The Romil Group. Way back in 1972 a visionary by the name of Mr. Himat Vora came to Mumbai (then Bombay) to take a chance and create his fortune in the diamond industry. Over the next two decades he mastered his trade in a jewelry making unit in Mumbai.

Smitten by entrepreneurial ambitions and the urge to create something new and stunning in the world of jewelry, Mr Vora decided it was time to take off on his own and start a legacy what we know as The Romil Group.

When business commenced in 2003, we were primarily in the designing and exporting business. Most of the jewelry created was exported to markets in the US. In 2009 we set up our first jewelry office that catered to the local market. As business grew it was time to introduce the world to what we are renowned for, craftsmanship and innovative designs. In December 2011, we started our own manufacturing facility and as the world took notice of our designs we set up our second facility in 2012 which was bigger than the first and housed everything in the jewelry making process right from conceptualization to design to manufacturing. In a short span of time we have seen a tremendous growth which solely rests on our innovative ideas and the need for something new every time. And this is just the beginning!

Our Mission

“To continuously develop product, policies and people in line with the needs of distinct markets with an undying spirit of passion and promise”

Our Vision

“To become a Global Label for jewellery manufacture signifying quality design and craftsmanship that is supported by Imagination, Innovation and Ingenuity across all areas of operations.”

Our Philosophy

We at Romil are driven by a very strong philosophy; to create value and goodwill through our clients and people because after all, our business runs solely on trust that we create with the people we interact with daily.

Our Values

Imagination, Innovation, Ingenuity

The ones who make it all happen

Mr Himat Vora : Our founder and a visionary, whose dream saw the birth of one of the most coveted names in the jewelry the world over. This great man’s sense and the love of jewelry is what drives everyone at Romil. He has over 4 decades of experience is designing and crafting jewelry, the result of which is clearly seen in every ensemble that bears the Romil logo. Mr Vora’s creative intention, formal commitment and artistic intention explodes in the form of jewelry he oversees. He is the one that make can a piece of jewelry come alive. An artist, a craftsman and a leader, he is the one whose leadership has taken Romil from a small family business to one of the most renowned names in the jewelry industry worldwide.

Mr Jaymin Vora : The second generation member in the Vora family. A man whose passion for design has seen him travel the world. Backed with a decade of experience in the jewelry business, even the tiniest detail in design never misses his sharp eyes. Back in Romil, Jaymin looks after the family’s jewelry business and overlooks everything from jewelry designing to manufacturing to marketing.

Mr Romil Vora : The youngest member in the Vora dynasty, but yet matured with over 8 years of experience in the jewelry business whose expertise lies in diamonds. He is responsible for the family’s loose diamond part of the business and oversees the export business and the buying and selling of diamonds. Backed by a keen eye and an even profounder sense of business, this young businessman is all set to take the family business to unimaginable heights.

The Insignia

The Romil logo is a mirror reflection of who we are and what we do. It's symbol of our success story and a work of art in its own way! The prancing Pegasus signifies the giant leaps we have taken in terms of our growth and the way we do business.

Just below the word ‘Romil’ are three words that describe us the best. 'Imagination' stands for the courage to do something out of the box every time, ‘Innovation’ for the way approach every piece of jewelry and finally ‘Ingenuity’ for being original and setting our own trends rather than following the set patterns.

The extended family

Romil is a family business and the people who work at Romil are part of this extended family. Over 200 people work at the various Romil facilities. These include top designers, goldsmiths and craftsman. Each person who works at Romil has been handpicked solely on their skills and talents across various fields in jewelry making.

Our team has been given the freedom to think out of the box when it comes to creativity in designs the result of which is seen in every Romil jewel. They are always urged to put their imagination to work, because we know that only honesty in work and get the best results.

Innovation in every step

The creation of every unique piece of jewelry goes well beyond just its shape and design. Every single element and process are of fundamental importance for the success of such a creation. We at Romil, meticulously study the improvements that can be made in all phases of jewelry making that includes design, the choice of materials, the production, manufacturing techniques to working with a team of highly professional and trained artists and craftsmen.

The latest technology and skill bring life into pieces of jewelry and we understand this very well. Over the years we have pioneered various jewelry making techniques that only we can achieve. Micro setting is one example of our research investments. As of today we are the preferred house that clients from around the world come to for this particular technique of jewelry making. Because after all it’s all about what separates you from the rest in the business.

In the last 2 years we started with fancy diamond jewellery which is now a global trend. Romil continues innovation using shapes like Marquise, Pear, Princess, and Tapers extensively in the products, making them stand out amongst the rest in the market. We at Romil believe that a good product is the base for success. Hence we constantly strive for excellence and nothing but the best for each jewel piece.